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Where do I apply a coupon code?Updated 5 months ago


  • Only one discount code may be applied per order. If you have multiple coupon codes to utilize, we suggest first using those that will expire, such as a promotional event or a birthday coupon.
  • Remember: we are not able to apply discount codes after the order has already been placed. So make sure to apply the code before processing the payment.
  • Express checkout methods: Using the following express checkout methods bypasses the option to enter a coupon: Shop Pay, PayPal, G Pay, and Venmo.

G Pay 

How to Apply

Codes must be entered at checkout after items have been placed into the shopping basket.

On desktops, laptops, and large tablets: enter the code in the white box that contains the text 'Gift card or discount code' and click the Apply button:

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding applying coupons, please call us at 844-365-2739 or contact us through the online chat found at the bottom of this page.  

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